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  • Graphene discovery could revolutionize fuel cell function
  • Manufacturing sales rebound in August; industry must "reinvent" itself to prosper
  • Oxygen from moondust? The European Space Agency is working on an "breathable air" plants for moon bases
  • Bombardier, NetJets launch new Challenger 350
  • Forestry industry pledges 13 per cent CO2 reduction to fight climate change
  • Toyota Canada top producer for first time in 2015; RAV4 on a roar
  • Mahle breaks through in Engineered Design with its magnet-free and maintenance free electric motor.
    Engineered Design Breakthrough: Magnet-Free Electric Motor May Reduce Maintenance in Electric Cars
  • World's first municipal waste-to-biofuels plant opens in Edmonton
  • Strong auto exports highlight industry's importance, vulnerability to TPP
  • Solar power poised for worldwide growth
  • Scientists Improve Behavior of Quantum Dots
  • TransCanada submits new, more costly proposal for Energy East pipeline
  • Game over for Hydrogen fuel cells? Not really — but an explosion in Norway halts sales of hydrogen fuel cell cars locally
  • Resource-based provinces lead in wage gains
  • SNC-Lavalin wins large Paris metro contract
  • Manufacturing slowdown reflects oil and dollar declines
  • WindTwin digital platform increases efficiency on wind farms and tests maintenance upgrades
  • Canada one of only three countries where clean energy investment grew
  • Robocop becomes real-world: robot law enforcement in Dubai may bring Robocop to a neighborhood near you
  • Ontario engineers facing crisis of under-employment
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