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  • Manufacturing sector continued to gain in November
  • Repeways by Doppelmayr Transport.
    Engineered Design: Generating Power While Transporting Freight or Ropeways: New Hybrid Belt System
  • With $390 billion in trade at stake, Premier Ford met with manufacturing trade partners; says steel and aluminum tariffs hurt the U.S. more than Canada
  • Large investment in Toronto biotech company could lead to new therapies for heart patients
  • NASA Discovers Eighth Planet Circling Distant Star
  • Acquisition of SABMiller makes Molson Coors third-largest brewer in the world
  • Natural Resource GDP increased 0.4%, led by Energy subsector at 0.7% — Statscan
  • Ontario increases incentives for EV buyers
  • Thunder Child, the unsinkable boat? Self-righting, wavepiercing interceptor engineered to be the perfect boat for offshore patrol
  • Forest vertical cities in China: first forest city under construction covered in 1 million plants; produce 900 tons oxygen daily
  • Modest business growth forecast as manufacturing slows in June
  • NASA projects look to the future, and to science fiction
  • Higher efficiency solar cells within reach
  • SpaceX launches Immarsat 5 F4: continuing the Elon Musk tradition of innovation with commercial payback
  • Nexen Energy Expansion Announced
  • Swimming Robot to Examine Damage from Japan’s Nuclear Reactor
  • U.S. and Mexico resume talks for NAFTA auto agreement — door open for Canada to return to negotiations
  • Containment system can trap offshore oil leaks, protect environment
  • Another successful test: Crew Dragon flawlessly docks with Internataional Space Station
  • Two auto parts plants adding jobs in southwestern Ontario
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