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  • Government money to Ontario auto parts maker will ensure jobs
  • Ford GT supercar in production at Markham's Multimatic plant
  • Driverless transport systems "TecLines" will allow Mercedes factory to customize assembly
  • SAFFir is an autonomous robot firefighter being tested by the Navy for dangerous situations. Unlike other firefighting robots, SAFFir is both autonomous, and stands on two legs, with two hands to grasp fire hoses.
    Robots save lives: robot fire-fighters take on explosive situations. SAFFiR shows how they can be ultimately be autonomous.
  • Pipelines, railways equally safe for transporting crude oil: report
  • $25.8 million Low Carbon Innovation Fund aims to help commercialize technologies that reduce greenhouse emissions.
  • Wood groups praising new six-storey construction limit
  • Ontario economy set to grow based on exports, weaker dollar
  • Company tries to stop U.S. cleanup effort on longest oil spill in history claiming it will "lead to a bigger environmental catastrophe"
  • Pembina set for biggest expansion in its history
  • TransCanada's Energy East pipeline has building trades support
  • Elon Musk's Hyperloop vision racing ahead of naysayers and regulators — Boring Company receives permission to tunnel 10 miles; early tests of tube successful
  • Ontario on track to lead country in employment, economic growth
  • Ford reveals C-MAX Solar Energi Concept car
  • Housing starts, employment, up sharply in May
  • More engineers, fewer arts grads needed in Canada: CIBC
  • Alberta's largest wind farm comes on stream
  • Bid deadline today for Canada's new search and rescue aircraft
  • Ontario space firm wins $65 million satellite contract
  • Bombardier, NetJets launch new Challenger 350
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