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  • TransCanada announces $900 million pipeline expansion
  • Airbus Helicopters announces new production at Fort Erie plant
  • One sweet ride: a biodegradable auto made of sugar beets and flax — but what about mice?
  • Green building technology to grow annually by 10.12% to the year 2023
  • Vehicle sales, mainly light trucks, continued to soar in January
  • World's largest public transit system to be built in only 5 years — in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia
  • Space engineering firm COM DEV announces major satellite contract
  • Auto sales surging in North America, plunging in Russia
  • GPS III set to launch December 18: U.S. Air Force to launch via Space X Falcon 9 paylod; will be harder to jam, more secure and accurate
  • Researchers studied successful manufacturers for lessons for the future
  • Plastics use in cars to nearly double in four years: report
  • Ontario engineers facing crisis of under-employment
  • Resource-based provinces lead in wage gains
  • Manufacturing sector continued to gain in November
  • Fuel cell market will double in five years: report
  • Google Increasing Artificial Intelligence in Military Spy Drones
  • Elon Musk's Hyperloop vision racing ahead of naysayers and regulators — Boring Company receives permission to tunnel 10 miles; early tests of tube successful
  • June a very good month for manufacturers
  • IBM reveals super-efficient solar power system prototype
  • NAV CANADA shares award for enhanced oceanic navigation system
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