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  • SpaceX lost 40 satellites to solar storm, estimated cost of $10 to $20 million
  • Alberta's largest wind farm comes on stream
  • Saudis will no longer provide "insurance policy" for high-cost oil producers
  • Slight upturn in Canada's manufacturing in June
  • Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, first electric minivan, rolls out in Windsor
  • Once more to the moon — NASA may use a commercial rocket to speed up the EM-1 moon mission planned for June 2020
  • V-BAT is being tested by US Army to replace "Shadow" — the future of unmanned aircraft systems
  • Manufacturing continues to grow but exports decline, increasing Canada's trade deficit in February
  • NASA Invests in Concept Development for Missions
  • Lobby groups working hard to convince Obama on Keystone
  • Strength to build on, but Canada still lags in industrial R&D
  • Infrastructure in focus at Queen's Park as new legislation tabled
  • Within 10 years, almost 50 percent of retail jobs may disappear to automation
  • Drone use by business set to explode, worth $127B by 2020: PwC
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