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  • Green Hydrogen is becoming more mainstream
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  • Daimler Records Big Profits and 2018 Plans
  • Wind capacity reaches 82,183 megawatts in US, enough to power 24 million homes
  • Utility offers customers Tesla Powerwalls as home energy storage market heats up
  • Nexen Energy Expansion Announced
  • Manufacturing sales up in December but down for the year on weak energy sector
  • Clean energy expected to surge as pv costs drop
  • Pipeline companies support new government regulations
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  • Aerospace industry "steady but unspectacular" in 2013: Conference Board
  • West Coast group looking at LNG as marine fuel
  • Global Warming Cap Could Save Economy Trillions
  • SPACE 1971 vs today: looking back on the anniversary of Apollo 14's landing on the moon; with new landings planned, how much have we advanced?
  • Canadian company to provide modular housing for refugees in Sweden
  • TransCanada announces $900 million pipeline expansion
  • Will quotas, targets and better technology get more drivers into EVs?
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