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  • Ontario to be hub for Toyota SUV production
  • Canada green tech company helps Chile reduce methane in landfills: $7 million project
  • Irving Oil to build new marine terminal in NB to handle new crude from Alberta
  • Clean freight: with over 10 per cent of emissions coming from "goods moving" the push is on for greener trucking
  • Israeli aluminum-air electric car battery to be tested in Montreal
  • Long-term growth in residential construction centred in GTA
  • FirstEnergy of Calgary to host ninth London Global Energy Conference
  • Drilling rigs growth depends more and more on LNG
  • NASA projects look to the future, and to science fiction
  • Twenty-kilometre tower would revolutionize space launches
  • Strong manufacturing rebound in February led by energy sector
  • TransCanada will use railroads if Keystone pipeline not approved
  • Carbon Nanotubes — from energy storage to automotive parts, from electromagnetic shields to biomedical applications — light, stable, durable
  • Natural Resource GDP increased 0.4%, led by Energy subsector at 0.7% — Statscan
  • A startup to bring Wifi to the moon — the age of the new Lunar economy
  • MRO in space: Inside a routine Maintenance-Repair-and-Overhaul mission with NASA: sealing, lubricating and keeping cool
  • Engineers Design Self-Eating Rocket Engine for Launching Satellites into Orbit
  • A cloaking device possible? Stealth technology studies virtual invisibility through "irradiating with its own specific pattern"
  • Technicians, technologists enjoy good jobs prospects, higher than average earnings
  • Alberta's largest wind farm comes on stream
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