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  • Canadian Mining Fueling the Alternative Power Boom
  • Toyota investment in Ontario brings new technologies, keeps jobs
  • Alberta to allow increased production of 25,000 barrels of oil per day in April; eases mandatory production cuts
  • Beam me up, Scotty. Teleportation is small step closer: researchers transport photon 500 kilometers: Micius satellite
  • Bombardier, Air Canada Jazz taking part in European MRO event
  • TransCanada confident Energy East pipeline will be built
  • Repeways by Doppelmayr Transport.
    Engineered Design: Generating Power While Transporting Freight or Ropeways: New Hybrid Belt System
  • Robots, 3D printing to revolutionize building industry unchanged for 5000 years
  • Breakthrough system uses ozone, UV light to remove indoor air pollution
  • Elon Musk's green vision extends to the Tesla Semi, capable of hauling 80,000 pounds for up to 400 miles on a single 30 minute charge
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada to invest $1 billion in engine development
  • Canadian Solar to build London plant with Samsung
  • UPS Canada implementing 50 per cent alternative fuels in fleet by 2018
  • World's largest offshore wind turbines would mimic palm trees to withstand winds
  • Space engineering firm COM DEV announces major satellite contract
  • Forest vertical cities in China: first forest city under construction covered in 1 million plants; produce 900 tons oxygen daily
  • New wind farm approved near Lake Huron shore
  • Auto industry back on top as Canada's biggest exporter: report
  • Federal government urged to speak up for nuclear at Paris climate talks
  • Ontario engineers facing crisis of under-employment
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