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  • US resumes exports of LNG
  • Forest vertical cities in China: first forest city under construction covered in 1 million plants; produce 900 tons oxygen daily
  • Scientists Develop Plastic-Eating Enzyme
  • BC sees 100,000 LNG jobs, $1 trillion in revenues
  • Largest biomass power plant in NA set to open in Atikokan
  • Guidelines released for self-driving cars by Trump administration: "future of safety and mobility" according to some; recipe for "disaster" say others
  • Ford GT supercar in production at Markham's Multimatic plant
  • Ontario to invest $900 million in energy-saving retrofits in social housing, rental stock
  • Researcher designs valve that could help power deep space flight
  • NAV CANADA shares award for enhanced oceanic navigation system
  • Mobile Office Pod Engineered in Nissan Van for Remote Workers
  • Government renews $81 million contract with MacDonald Dettwiler for space work
  • Demand for industrial real estate soaring in Canada: report
  • Researchers find way to turn wood into supercapacitors
  • Bid deadline today for Canada's new search and rescue aircraft
  • Waterloo researchers seek cheaper fuel cells for electric cars
  • Short list announced for Green Car of the Year
  • SpaceX "first orbital class rocket capable of reflight" test flight today: $12 billion in contracts and a 100 missions at stake: live feed of launch
  • A cloaking device possible? Stealth technology studies virtual invisibility through "irradiating with its own specific pattern"
  • GM/Honda latest partners in search for affordable fuel cell car
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