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  • Canada's small businesses encouraged to invest for success
  • Only 13% of Canadian manufacturers likely to change export strategy despite trade disputes even though 87% are looking beyond the US market
  • New Samsung-Pattern wind farm underway with Siemens-built turbines
  • Hummer and Hyundai's four-way steering "e-corner" showcased breakthrough "crabwalk" steering enhancements
  • First Energy Island to Provide Electricity for 3 Million Households
  • Steel producers, clean tech, IT see reason to support the federal budget
  • Seven electric vehicle trends for 2020 — forecasts, technology, solar and autonomous driving
  • Auto sales surging in North America, plunging in Russia
  • Study of Ontario power needs finds nuclear is best option
  • World's oil suppliers in for a shock: IEA
  • $3.4 Million Invested in Hypercar with Sharper, Faster Turns
  • GM, Ford and VW bear the brunt of a dip in Chinese auto sales; trade war cools world's biggest auto market
  • Saudi solar-powered desalination plant will be world's largest
  • Petronas deal could get LNG moving in Canada
  • Canada's auto sales soar; Toyota passes 100K mark for hybrids
  • Anticipation building for first test flight of Bombardier CSeries
  • Elon Musk's stainless steel "Starship" from SpaceX — orbit test in six months, then on to Mars?
  • Successful SpaceX human flight transport launch test of Dragon crew capsule, Elon Musk elated but "emotionally exhausted"
  • Outlook good for Ontario manufacturers despite dip in PMI
  • Large investment in Toronto biotech company could lead to new therapies for heart patients
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