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  • Energy costs, global temperature, continue rising
  • Danger Doc Robinson: researchers at RMIT University find vehicle vibrations may induce sleep in drivers
  • Goodbye NAFTA, Hello USMCA trade deal: it's not all in the name — Canadian dollar soars, stocks rise; autos win, dairy loses
  • Canada's manufacturing sales rose in 2016, led by cars, food
  • Building permits shot up in May
  • Bombardier, Air Canada Jazz taking part in European MRO event
  • Ontario home builders don't like government's inclusionary zoning plan
  • Honda hopes to catch up on Autonomous driving and electric vehicle technology — by 2025
  • A cloaking device possible? Stealth technology studies virtual invisibility through "irradiating with its own specific pattern"
  • Elon Musk's green vision extends to the Tesla Semi, capable of hauling 80,000 pounds for up to 400 miles on a single 30 minute charge
  • US could be free of non-North American oil by 2020
  • Vehicle sales, mainly light trucks, continued to soar in January
  • Canadian company to provide modular housing for refugees in Sweden
  • Scientists make breakthrough in spinal cord injury movement
  • Waste-reduction law puts responsibility for products' end-of-life costs on manufacturers
  • Are we ready to let go of the wheel? The current state of self-driving car technology.
  • TransCanada's Energy East pipeline has building trades support
  • The latest breakthroughs in EV technology; batteries that charge in under 10 minutes 
  • Manufacturing sector continued to gain in November
  • Self-Driving Robo Taxis
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