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  • Oil prices, production in Canada not likely to reach former levels again: CIBC
  • Solar energy a good investment, claims World Economic Forum
  • LNG activity heating up in BC as Petronas seeks export licence
  • Wind to provide 20 per cent of world's electricity by 2030: report
  • More R&D, innovation not free trade deals needed to boost Canada's exports: economist
  • NASA Keeping an Eye on Tesla Roadster
  • Google Increasing Artificial Intelligence in Military Spy Drones
  • High-level support continues for Keystone XL
  • New MRO operation rising in former Aveos plant
  • WindTwin digital platform increases efficiency on wind farms and tests maintenance upgrades
  • Utility offers customers Tesla Powerwalls as home energy storage market heats up
  • Truckers hopeful about progress on border security, emissions, after Washington summit
  • Aerospace industry trade war? $2 billion at stake as Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister reviews Boeing sole sourcing
  • More consultation, less domestic content for Ontario's green energy process
  • Invest $50 billion in infrastructure over five years or fall further behind: Report
  • Renewable energy advocates optimistic, but political will is lacking
  • Automotive and chemical manufacturing pull up overall Canadian manufacturing sales to higher level than projected
  • New oil extraction methods such as swept acoustic wave promise to increase yield
  • Electricity-conducting cement could make runways, roads ice proof
  • General Motors Planning Autonomous Vehicles Sans Controls
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