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  • Greater transparency, accountability called for in new homes warranty plan for Ontario
  • Cascade Aerospace named a Hercules heavy maintenance centre
  • Canada green tech company helps Chile reduce methane in landfills: $7 million project
  • BMW to invest 6 per cent of revenue in R&D; plans to streamline manufacturing to pay for research
  • Flyboard "hoverboard" becomes real — beyond recreation, this spectacular tech may have practical applications
  • First drone crash with a commercial aircraft in Canada triggers safety review and possible new rules
  • Canada should ease foreign ownership rules for uranium, says Sask premier
  • New CEO chosen to take over Waterfront Toronto
  • Wood proponents pushing higher with hybrid construction
  • Little support in auto industry for Canada/Korea free trade deal
  • Boeing and Bombardier Dispute Intensifies, Canada and U.K. Pressure Boeing to Resolve Conflict
  • Union workers safer in construction trades: study
  • California mandates energy storage to bring more renewables into grid
  • Jobless rate down, balance of trade up as economy shows strength
  • Government investment, weakening dollar, stronger US economy could spell relief for Canada's manufacturers
  • Researchers claim micro-fluidics breakthrough with liquid metal pump
  • Scientists create liquid fuel from solar energy
  • NASA Plans to Send Robotic Helicopter to Mars in 2020
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada to invest $1 billion in engine development
  • Wasted mechanical energy could solve world's energy needs
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