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  • Ontario's manufacturing output "robust" in May: RBC
  • Ghost ships: are we ready for autonomous super ships? BHP Billiton thinks we are, plans to utilize automated ships
  • Overseas growth in future for Canada's air transportation industry
  • Engineering and building under water — how is it done, and the modern use of Cofferdams
  • GM investing $250 million at Ingersoll plant
  • Canadian work in composite materials honoured with innovation awards
  • Too much wind-power may warm the environment more than oil or coal — at least in the short term. Harvard research suggests cautious planning needed
  • Petronas to spend $16 billion to export Western Canadian LNG
  • Solar power companies report growth
  • Pembina to build $350 million diluent hub
  • Ontario and Saskatchewan criticizes the Federal Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan in a joint official statement
  • Oil Industry News: Oil Companies Shedding Assets
  • 50,000 smaller Ontario manufacturers miss out on the 17 per-cent cut to electricity bills
  • Saudi solar-powered desalination plant will be world's largest
  • Wind more economical than nuclear: offshore wind turbines in U.K. significantly less expensive per megawatt than planned nuclear
  • Plastic heroes; hungry worms eat plastic: Zophobas Morio 'super worm' is capable of digesting and eating through polystyrene
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada to invest $275 million in Quebec plant
  • Tesla wall-mounted battery will power the whole household
  • If Keystone XL dies, will Energy East replace it?
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