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  • Japan setting records for new solar power installations
  • Chrysler expanding Windsor assembly plant for "future vehicle"
  • Jobs cut at Bombardier as business jet sales soften
  • Ontario's electricity operator announces 16 solar, wind and hydro contracts
  • British cheer awarding of train contract to Bombardier
  • Boeing expands Winnipeg plant; Dreamliners set to fly again
  • Proposed BC oil refinery has economic merit: study
  • Propane suppliers condemn Ontario government's support of natural gas expansion
  • Real-time oil leak tracking with PAH sensor from Norwegian Geotechnical Institute can precisely measure hydrocarbons in water around oil wells
  • Space-based solar power beamed to earth may be the future of green power
  • Canada one of only three countries where clean energy investment grew
  • A cloaking device possible? Stealth technology studies virtual invisibility through "irradiating with its own specific pattern"
  • Ontario engineers facing crisis of under-employment
  • Flying car maker looking for first orders for its sports car/gyrocopter PAL-V
  • Renewables will surpass natural gas, nuclear by 2016: IEA
  • Canadian work in composite materials honoured with innovation awards
  • Most important auto tech of all: safety. 2017's safest cars according to IIHS and a quick look back at 1959
  • Saudis will no longer provide "insurance policy" for high-cost oil producers
  • US could be free of non-North American oil by 2020
  • Compact reactor could make fusion dream a reality
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