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  • Pratt & Whitney Canada to invest $1 billion in engine development
  • Slower growth, need for new markets challenge Canada's oil producers
  • US could be free of non-North American oil by 2020
  • West Coast group looking at LNG as marine fuel
  • Canadian oil production up; producers turning to railways for shipment
  • Research: Batteries in Electric Vehicles can take 3 times longer to charge in coldest temperatures
  • Irving Shipbuilding looking to lure workers back east from Alberta
  • Slight upturn in Canada's manufacturing in June
  • Russian leasing company orders 42 CSeries jets from Bombardier
  • US Airforce tests hypersonic missile successfully at five times speed of sound
  • Manufacturers and employers win with new Labour rules in Ontario; jobs did increase 17,600 in January 2019
  • Australian researchers claim new efficiency record for solar cells
  • Alberta's oil and gas rebounds - must contend with shortage of workers
  • Flying car maker looking for first orders for its sports car/gyrocopter PAL-V
  • Canada-EU free trade deal in jeopardy over investor protection
  • Volvo will use DME to fuel heavy-duty trucks in North America
  • Ontario to update Nuclear Emergency Response Plan in the event of nuclear and radiological events
  • Vancouver shipyard awarded $3.3 billion to build Coast Guard ships
  • Strong manufacturing helped grow economy in January
  • Fiat Chrysler denies wrongdoing as EPA accuses it of emissions cheating
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