With a 500 km range and 408 horsepower, Volvo’s new Polestar EV may rival Tesla

Volvo is racing to the market with the new Polestar — a battery-powered compact five-door meant to compete with Tesla’s Model 3.

By comparing specs, it seems like a worthy rival:

  • Five doors
  • 500 kilometre or 275-mile range
  • 408 horsepower
  • Zero to 100 kph, or 0-60 mph in less than five seconds
  • US$63,000


The Volvo Polestar EV is a 408 hp challenger to the Tesla Model 3.


This may be a breakthrough moment for Volvo, as Tesla’s Model 3 is in short supply. The 78kWh battery, good for 500 kilometres makes it a viable alternative. The plush interior and amenities of the Volvo may also make a difference, together with the broader network of dealers and service support. Volvo also has a reputation for safety. Production will begin in 2020. The only negative aspect of the impressive car appears to be its country of manufacture. Although China is a leader in EV technology, ongoing tariff wars and the perception of “non-Sweedish” manufacture may hold some buyers back.


The interior of the Volvo Polestar is a little more traditional and luxurious as compared to the Tesla Model 3. It features, of course, extensive infotainment systems courtesy of Google and Android.


However, Tesla does have a less expensive EV, in the US$35,000 model of its Model 3. Previously Model 3 started at US$44,000. Telsa’s top models, the sporty S and SUV-ish Model X are much pricier at US$94,000 and US$97,000.


Infotainment system in the Volvo Polestar, due to go to production in 2020.


Volvo is positioning the Polestar as a “performance EV” and has loaded the vehicle with amenities and luxuries, as well as the latest infotainment systems. The car depends on Android systems and Google services.


Volvo’s breakthrough Polestar is meant to compete with Tesla.

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