World’s largest twin engine Airbus A350-1000 passes extreme weather tests for hot weather above 40 degrees celsius

The largest twin engine Airbus, the A350-1000, successfully passed the high-temperature tests in July tests. The test was undertaken at the Al Ain International airport.


Airbus A350-1000 engine being installed.


The test was designed to test behaviour and safety, including cooling performance, to ensure the big twin-engine is ready for super-hot climates. Airbus tests hot weather performance at Al Ain International Airport in the United Arab Emirates.

The Airbus A350-1000:

211 ordered to date

To date, 211 have been ordered, scheduled to go into service starting this year. The Airbus A350-1000 is an important craft for Airbus, with a range of 14,800 km, seating of about 366 and a maximum load of nearly 21 tons.



It is specifically designed for the challenges of “high fuel prices, rising expectations from passengers, and increasing environmental concerns,” according to the manufacturer. The craft boasts a 25 percent step change in fuel efficiency compared to long range competitors.



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