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  • Consumer spending drives strong GDP growth in second quarter
  • Electric bush plane: combined project of Zenair and Solar Ship combines rugged short landings with green technology
  • Nanotechnology can help clean up oil spills with super-absorbant carbon nanotube sponges
  • Construction industry will boom in Northern Ontario, GTA: report
  • Government urges aerospace innovation, adoption of new technologies
  • Carbon Nanotubes — from energy storage to automotive parts, from electromagnetic shields to biomedical applications — light, stable, durable
  • Canada's exports soared in June while imports fell
  • Oil leads Canada's GDP growth while OPEC production cuts have prices surging
  • Manufacturing sales off in November led by cars, chemicals
  • Transportation workers urge quick response to Lac-Megantic report
  • Canada could lead the world in cleantech: report
  • Move to autonomous cars gains momentum with CES announcements, more expected from Detroit auto show
  • Elon Musk's green vision extends to the Tesla Semi, capable of hauling 80,000 pounds for up to 400 miles on a single 30 minute charge
  • Ford GT supercar in production at Markham's Multimatic plant
  • Ontario homebuilder first to offer power storage system as option
  • Magellan gets $110 million contract for Canadian satellite program
  • TransCanada will use railroads if Keystone pipeline not approved
  • Drilling rigs growth depends more and more on LNG
  • Manufacturing sales rebound in August; industry must "reinvent" itself to prosper
  • Worker mobility key to construction's labour shortage
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