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  • Contractors, steel workers unions support Northern Gateway pipeline
  • Canadian cleantech sector strong in research, innovation, but weak in commercialization
  • Toyota Canada top producer for first time in 2015; RAV4 on a roar
  • Aerospace is to Quebec what auto industry is to Ontario, and must be supported: Couillard
  • Large Ontario wind power project gets go-ahead, now hiring
  • World will invest $7.8 trillion in solar, wind over next 25 years: Bloomberg
  • More government support for Quebec aerospace industry
  • Why a Russian submarine may have tried to tap into undersea communications: 95 percent of communications and $10 Trillion in data are carried on undersea cables
  • MRO continuing its rebound after Aveos collapse
  • Shortage of skilled labour facing Ontario construction industry: report
  • Test of SpaceX crew escape system goes off perfectly
  • Interstellar Mission to Commemorate 100th Anniversary of Moon Landing
  • Strong manufacturing output lifts GDP in October
  • Promise of more investment in auto industry but no specifics
  • Record car sales reported in Canada, US for October
  • Volvo aims to put garbage collectors out of work with autonomous robot garbage trucks
  • Scientists Develop Plastic-Eating Enzyme
  • Scientists make breakthrough in spinal cord injury movement
  • Bombardier to build MRO facility in China
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