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  • Honda to spend $492 million on Alliston plant upgrades
  • NASA learns from the birds for the next generation in “Smart” dynamic wing design
  • Moon Race 2: Nasa plans moon lander for 2024; Orion Spacecraft already complete
  • Natural resources, manufacturing show stronger than expected growth in February
  • Short list announced for Green Car of the Year
  • Growing Quebec aerospace industries will need skilled labour
  • SpaceX-1 Launches Falcon 9
  • Wind more economical than nuclear: offshore wind turbines in U.K. significantly less expensive per megawatt than planned nuclear
  • Demand for industrial real estate soaring in Canada: report
  • Space X Mars plans become feasible: Elon Musk's multi-planet species goal may yet launch
  • Space-based solar power beamed to earth may be the future of green power
  • Bankrupt hockey skate manufacturer bought by Canadian investors
  • Deep Roads — researchers propose taking road expansion underground to reduce congestion and pollution
  • 3 billion bottles, cans and containers diverted out of landfill as deposit programs and recycling management hit new milestone in Ontario
  • Airbus and Bombardier Finalize Deal
  • Mixed results for Canada's auto parts industry: report
  • Green Hydrogen is becoming more mainstream
  • Women wanted in construction trades as "tremendous opportunity" exists
  • Canada's prosperity at risk from disruption, lack of skilled workforce: reports
  • Ontario home builders don't like government's inclusionary zoning plan
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