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  • US could be free of non-North American oil by 2020
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  • Canadian companies should look to Mexico for export growth: HSBC Bank Canada
  • Green building technology to grow annually by 10.12% to the year 2023
  • Volkswagen hit with $14.7 billion in fines, compensation over emissions scandal
  • Volvo to Expand Production of XC40 SUV in Europe and China
  • Supercapacitors Increase Performance and Longevity, Charge in Minutes
  • Scientists Develop Plastic-Eating Enzyme
  • Oil leads Canada's GDP growth while OPEC production cuts have prices surging
  • Toronto Hydro testing underwater energy storage system for backup power
  • Ontario Faces Uncertain Future with Carbon Tax
  • Volvo aims to put garbage collectors out of work with autonomous robot garbage trucks
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