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  • Manufacturing down in February in both Canada and US
  • Automation-proof jobs, and jobs that will eventually be automated
  • Cars and aerospace boosted Canada's manufacturing sales in November
  • Government pledges continued support as National Mining Week begins
  • Space X's Falcon Heavy could explode with the force of a nuclear weapon; over 1400 airline flights delayed by space launches in 2018
  • Forestry sector providing job relief for former oil patch workers
  • Bombardier announces firm CSeries orders from Russia, Gulf Air
  • Demand for industrial real estate soaring in Canada: report
  • World's biggest gold-copper mine wins government approval in BC
  • More consultation, less domestic content for Ontario's green energy process
  • Economy showed mix of strength (exports), weakness (investment) in Q3
  • Canada's energy sector "at a crossroads," risks falling behind
  • Financial risks associated with emissions limits for Canada for oil and gas industries
  • Engineers among highest paid Canada; Alberta averages highest; quarrying, mining, oil and extraction dominate wages
  • Industry-academic R&D cooperation to boost Ontario's aerospace sector
  • Pipelines safer than rail or truck for oil: report
  • Supply of oil at record highs, at 100 million barrels a day for the “first time ever”; expected to grow
  • Bombardier's Learjet 85 completes first flight
  • U.S. and Mexico resume talks for NAFTA auto agreement — door open for Canada to return to negotiations
  • GM, Ford and VW bear the brunt of a dip in Chinese auto sales; trade war cools world's biggest auto market
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