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  • Acquisition of SABMiller makes Molson Coors third-largest brewer in the world
  • Solar-powered nanoheaters offer solution for off-grid medical sterilization
  • SNC-Lavalin-China agreement could expand market for CANDUs
  • World will invest $7.8 trillion in solar, wind over next 25 years: Bloomberg
  • Record Shipping Costs Creating Issues in the Automotive Industry
  • Windsor, auto industry counting on new Ford investment
  • ​Toyota highlights experimental technologies with artificial intelligence that recognizes driving habits and facial expressions
  • Cost-effective spine-like wave energy generator — Sea Wave Energy's Waveline Magnet: Green Energy innovation
  • Safer tank cars coming as railways ship more oil than ever
  • Record car sales reported in Canada, US for October
  • Engineering positions: what's in demand, what does it pay, what do you need to qualify? Top seven engineering positions
  • Months, if not years, until balance restored in oil markets
  • Miners struggling with higher costs, lower prices
  • Crude Oil Prices Uncertain as OPEC Meets to Discuss Supply
  • Richard Browning invents super human 450 km per hour “Iron Man” flight suit (video)
  • Province lends steel maker $7 million for plant upgrades
  • Pilot project will use algae to recycle industrial CO2 emissions
  • Development proposals presented for major new National Capital project
  • Unemployment rate drops after strong job gains in May
  • Manufacturing sector continued to gain in November
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