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  • World's first municipal waste-to-biofuels plant opens in Edmonton
  • Zero-emissions vehicle strategy by 2018 for Canada with major boost to zero emissions infrastructure
  • Civil Engineering Design: What it Takes to Engineer the World’s Longest Tunnels
  • Canada's auto sales soar; Toyota passes 100K mark for hybrids
  • Terraton Initiative: "Carbon Negative": an innovative solution could remove 1 trillion tons of carbon dioxide from atmosphere
  • Canadian Government should do more to have U.S. tarriffs removed say ministers in both Ontario and Quebec
  • Why a Russian submarine may have tried to tap into undersea communications: 95 percent of communications and $10 Trillion in data are carried on undersea cables
  • Canada could get 35 per cent of its power from wind with no disruption to existing grid: study
  • World's largest offshore wind turbines would mimic palm trees to withstand winds
  • Siemens Canada announces order for 270-MW wind project in Ontario
  • Bombardier announces firm CSeries orders from Russia, Gulf Air
  • NASA Plans to Send Robotic Helicopter to Mars in 2020
  • Scientists create liquid fuel from solar energy
  • California to test grid-scale power-to-gas energy storage
  • Oil leads Canada's GDP growth while OPEC production cuts have prices surging
  • Subsidies part of the game in global aerospace industry
  • StatsCan reports record auto sales for May 2017: 11 per cent over last year
  • Japan setting records for new solar power installations
  • With a 500 km range and 408 horsepower, Volvo's new Polestar EV may rival Tesla
  • World's largest public transit system to be built in only 5 years — in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia
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