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  • SPACE 1971 vs today: looking back on the anniversary of Apollo 14's landing on the moon; with new landings planned, how much have we advanced?
  • Flyboard "hoverboard" becomes real — beyond recreation, this spectacular tech may have practical applications
  • MRO in space: Inside a routine Maintenance-Repair-and-Overhaul mission with NASA: sealing, lubricating and keeping cool
  • Seven electric vehicle trends for 2020 — forecasts, technology, solar and autonomous driving
  • Ontario missing out on $billions from federal government: study
  • Strong auto exports highlight industry's importance, vulnerability to TPP
  • Government investment, weakening dollar, stronger US economy could spell relief for Canada's manufacturers
  • Closing GM Oshawa would cost economy billions: UNIFOR
  • Pharma company shares surge on favourable Q2 report
  • Bombardier holds update on CSeries aircraft
  • Amazon brings 800 high tech jobs to Ontario including engineers, programmers and developers
  • SWISS inaugurates commercial flights of Bombardier's CS100
  • High-level support continues for Keystone XL
  • Renewable energy now costs less than fossil fuels in some countries: report
  • Australian researchers claim new efficiency record for solar cells
  • Ontario Energy Board to ban door-to-door selling of energy
  • Demand for 100K engineers over next ten years in Canada
  • UPS Canada implementing 50 per cent alternative fuels in fleet by 2018
  • Clean freight: with over 10 per cent of emissions coming from "goods moving" the push is on for greener trucking
  • Steel industry welcomes anti-dumping investigation by federal government
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