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  • Ontario Energy Board to ban door-to-door selling of energy
  • Windsor, auto industry counting on new Ford investment
  • Truckers hopeful about progress on border security, emissions, after Washington summit
  • First anti-icing wind turbine blades will power Quebec community
  • Within 10 years, almost 50 percent of retail jobs may disappear to automation
  • Google's self-driving cars revealed to media for first time
  • Manufacturing sales off in November led by cars, chemicals
  • Cap and trade law passes in Ontario, carbon pricing set to begin
  • Laser weapons may be the future of aerial defence; Lockheed Martin showcases new laser weapon
  • Renewable energy advocates optimistic, but political will is lacking
  • Publication aimed at development CEOs names Ontario best investment location in Canada
  • Engineers being heroes: helping bring much-needed water to some of the 1.8 billion people who desperately need it
  • Who says bigger isn't better: General Electrics massive carbon-fibre 3D printed engine more fuel efficient
  • March wholesale, retail sales lower in most sectors: Statistics Canada
  • Government renews $81 million contract with MacDonald Dettwiler for space work
  • As the Tesla Model 3 enters production, oil companies revise estimates of EVs on the road upwards to 530 million by 2040
  • Research: Batteries in Electric Vehicles can take 3 times longer to charge in coldest temperatures
  • The ongoing shortage of microchips still impacting automotive and other industries
  • Canada's prosperity at risk from disruption, lack of skilled workforce: reports
  • Organic, water-based battery a game-changer for renewable energy
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