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  • Williams Advance Engineering Develops Ground-Breaking Aerofoil
  • Next-Generation moon rovers: General Motors and Lockheed develop autonomous electric moon rover vehicles for future commercial space missions
  • Wind capacity reaches 82,183 megawatts in US, enough to power 24 million homes
  • Skills gap costing economy billions; Ontario students ill-prepared for workplace: report
  • Scientists discover evidence of water on the moon: spectrometer revealed 30 hydroxyl parts per million collected by Chinese Lunar Lander Chang'E-5A
  • Two auto parts plants adding jobs in southwestern Ontario
  • Toyota investment in Ontario brings new technologies, keeps jobs
  • Thunder Child, the unsinkable boat? Self-righting, wavepiercing interceptor engineered to be the perfect boat for offshore patrol
  • GM to Engineer Virtual Zero Emissions by 2035 and Carbon Neutrality by 2040
  • Audi Recall Announced Due to Emissions
  • Building permits up in June, non-residential construction leading
  • Greater transparency, accountability called for in new homes warranty plan for Ontario
  • Earth-sized exoplanet LHS 475 b revealed by advanced new James Webb Space Telescope — exploring strange new worlds
  • Stronger concrete made from recycled tires developed by UBC Engineers: could help reduce carbon footprint of 3 billion tires-a-year
  • Daimler Records Big Profits and 2018 Plans
  • LNG Canada moves ahead with BC project as China and Russia sign huge gas deal
  • US energy self-reliance, pipeline uncertainty put Canada's energy sector at risk
  • Higher efficiency solar cells within reach
  • Propane suppliers condemn Ontario government's support of natural gas expansion
  • Fully solar powered vehicle: an RV that runs without fuel or charging stations?
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