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  • Airborne wind turbine will rise to new heights
  • Brighter outlook for Canada's economy in 2016: RBC
  • Agreement between western provinces smooths way for pipelines
  • Japanese claim breakthrough in hydrogen storage technology
  • 100,000 watt laser firing 10,000 pulses per second would "deorbit" tons of dangerous space debris
  • Manufacturers and employers win with new Labour rules in Ontario; jobs did increase 17,600 in January 2019
  • Manufacturing sector rebounded in February: Statistics Canada
  • Canada's oil industry facing labour shortage: survey
  • New MRO operation rising in former Aveos plant
  • PPG Industries expands NA presence with $1 billion coatings takeover
  • Vancouver shipyard awarded $3.3 billion to build Coast Guard ships
  • 21 auto parts companies in Ontario invest in new technologies with help from Ontario Government
  • In a massive victory for the hydrogen vs. electric battery debate, the Toyota Mirai broke the world record for driving on one fill of hydrogen with 623 miles (1,003 km) in late May.
    Hydrogen Mileage World Record – Toyota Mirai Breaks Through: 623 miles or 1,003 km "Victory for Hydrogen vs. Electric"
  • Green building booming but Canadian companies lag in R&D
  • Nanotechnology can help clean up oil spills with super-absorbant carbon nanotube sponges
  • Manufacturing takes a hit as water heater plant closes in Fergus
  • Vitamin-derived battery created by U of T chemists
  • Mixed news for industrial production capacity, employment
  • Helicopter flight simulator to train offshore rig pilots in Newfoundland
  • International Trade Commission Hands Down Verdict in Bombardier versus Boeing Dispute
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