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  • Mississauga aerospace firm announces major contracts with Boeing, F-35 program
  • Bombardier flies new CSeries jet for first time
  • Artificial pancreas would reduce need for self-care by diabetics, improve insulin delivery
  • Zinc-air battery shows great promise in search for energy storage
  • Is ammonia the jet fuel of the future? What other alternatives are there for commercial aviation?
  • World's first 3D printed auto manufacturing platform
  • BMW to invest 6 per cent of revenue in R&D; plans to streamline manufacturing to pay for research
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada engines to power new Gulfstream jets
  • US resumes exports of LNG
  • Bombardier to hit business jet targets: aiming for US$8.5 billion annually by 2020
  • Hypersonic travel may become practical with new heat-resistant ceramic carbide material
  • New wind farm approved near Lake Huron shore
  • Ontario Faces Uncertain Future with Carbon Tax
  • SNC-Lavalin-China agreement could expand market for CANDUs
  • Robots, 3D printing to revolutionize building industry unchanged for 5000 years
  • CSeries engine problem just an oil seal leak: Pratt & Whitney
  • A startup to bring Wifi to the moon — the age of the new Lunar economy
  • Clean energy expected to surge as pv costs drop
  • Tesla Model S earns near-perfect score from Consumer Reports
  • Ontario's electricity operator announces 16 solar, wind and hydro contracts
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