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  • Are we ready to let go of the wheel? The current state of self-driving car technology.
  • De Beers new diamond mine in far north among world's largest
  • SpaceX and ULA Score Major Air Force Contracts
  • Supply of oil at record highs, at 100 million barrels a day for the “first time ever”; expected to grow
  • A cloaking device possible? Stealth technology studies virtual invisibility through "irradiating with its own specific pattern"
  • Powering the Future through Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells?
  • Manufacturing sales rose sharply in some sectors in January: Statistics Canada
  • Green building technology to grow annually by 10.12% to the year 2023
  • Laser weapons may be the future of aerial defence; Lockheed Martin showcases new laser weapon
  • Swiss tech does the impossible, creates white solar panels
  • Chip shortage worsens due to Russia-Ukraine crisis, creating extreme under supply in the automative market into 2024
  • Union workers safer in construction trades: study
  • Elon Musk's Hyperloop vision racing ahead of naysayers and regulators — Boring Company receives permission to tunnel 10 miles; early tests of tube successful
  • Strong manufacturing helped grow economy in January
  • Handheld device detects bacteria on food in real time
  • Researchers claim micro-fluidics breakthrough with liquid metal pump
  • Vitamin-derived battery created by U of T chemists
  • World will invest $7.8 trillion in solar, wind over next 25 years: Bloomberg
  • Another successful test: Crew Dragon flawlessly docks with Internataional Space Station
  • Agreement between western provinces smooths way for pipelines
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