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  • Researchers Test Feasibility of EmDrive and Mach Effect Thrusters
  • Ford hiring 1,000 at Oakville assembly plant
  • Volvo will use DME to fuel heavy-duty trucks in North America
  • Audi Recall Announced Due to Emissions
  • Montreal company ready to launch tiny greenhouse gas-spotting satellite
  • Hyundai Plans to Sell Millions of BEVs
  • The challenges of 3D printing or manufacturing in space — without gravity to help it all "stick"
  • Breakthrough system uses ozone, UV light to remove indoor air pollution
  • Regina refinery will reuse all water with GE wastewater technology
  • Ontario to lose Toyota Corolla production but gain . . . ?
  • Months, if not years, until balance restored in oil markets
  • Airbus and Bombardier Finalize Deal
  • BMW to invest 6 per cent of revenue in R&D; plans to streamline manufacturing to pay for research
  • Aerospace industry fuelled by emerging markets: BMO
  • Government investment, weakening dollar, stronger US economy could spell relief for Canada's manufacturers
  • Manufacturing the sole industry showing job losses in February
  • The New ispace Lunar Lander — Commercial space travel to the far side of the moon
  • SpaceX and ULA Score Major Air Force Contracts
  • $2 Billion expansion of Nova gas pipeline planned by TransCanada Corp to increase pipeline capacity
  • Korean intraocular lens may help with early Alzheimer’s detection: KIMM's smart contact lense may
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