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  • Elon Musk's stainless steel "Starship" from SpaceX — orbit test in six months, then on to Mars?
  • Electro Water Separation (EWS) or Electro Coagulation: Treatment system uses electricity to clean contaminated water
  • Major job losses predicted on oil spending slump
  • Federal government urged to speak up for nuclear at Paris climate talks
  • $2 Billion expansion of Nova gas pipeline planned by TransCanada Corp to increase pipeline capacity
  • Researchers claim potential improvement in solar cell efficiency
  • Canadian manufacturing continued to slide in December, though not in Ontario
  • NASA projects look to the future, and to science fiction
  • Natural resources, manufacturing show stronger than expected growth in February
  • SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Ripped Hole in Ionosphere During 2017 Launch
  • Scientists Use Machine Learning to Automate Atomic-Scale Manufacturing
  • Ontario to lose Toyota Corolla production but gain . . . ?
  • GM to Engineer Virtual Zero Emissions by 2035 and Carbon Neutrality by 2040
  • What's old is new again: Airship innovation, the Lighter-Than-Air aircraft
  • BC refinery close to financing deal
  • Short list announced for Green Car of the Year
  • Concept car from Terrafugia has vertical takeoff and landing
  • Technicians, technologists enjoy good jobs prospects, higher than average earnings
  • Research: Batteries in Electric Vehicles can take 3 times longer to charge in coldest temperatures
  • Honda hopes to catch up on Autonomous driving and electric vehicle technology — by 2025
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