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  • Large CSeries order builds momentum for Bombardier
  • Long March 3B rocket launch destroys home as lower rocket booster crashes during launch
  • Strong auto exports highlight industry's importance, vulnerability to TPP
  • Builders urge Ontario to allow six-storey wooden structures
  • French aerospace companies to set up shop in Montreal
  • Ontario to update Nuclear Emergency Response Plan in the event of nuclear and radiological events
  • New oil extraction methods such as swept acoustic wave promise to increase yield
  • The challenges of 3D printing or manufacturing in space — without gravity to help it all "stick"
  • Wood-based battery the next energy storage solution?
  • Solar will surpass oil production and attract over $1 billion a day in investments according to IEA: forecast
  • 12 new electric vehicles by 2022 Renaut-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance commits 30% of overall production output
  • Strength to build on, but Canada still lags in industrial R&D
  • LNG Canada moves ahead with BC project as China and Russia sign huge gas deal
  • Government money to Ontario auto parts maker will ensure jobs
  • Industry mostly positive about government's infrastructure spending plans
  • In a massive victory for the hydrogen vs. electric battery debate, the Toyota Mirai broke the world record for driving on one fill of hydrogen with 623 miles (1,003 km) in late May.
    Hydrogen Mileage World Record – Toyota Mirai Breaks Through: 623 miles or 1,003 km "Victory for Hydrogen vs. Electric"
  • IKEA to add EV charging stations at Canadian stores
  • First LNG-powered ferry to begin service in Quebec
  • Molson Coors reports on environmental stewardship goals
  • Richard Browning invents super human 450 km per hour “Iron Man” flight suit (video)
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