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  • BC, Ontario economies to lead country into 2017
  • Researcher designs valve that could help power deep space flight
  • Engineers Canada calls for more women to enter profession
  • Oxygen from moondust? The European Space Agency is working on an "breathable air" plants for moon bases
  • In a massive victory for the hydrogen vs. electric battery debate, the Toyota Mirai broke the world record for driving on one fill of hydrogen with 623 miles (1,003 km) in late May.
    Hydrogen Mileage World Record – Toyota Mirai Breaks Through: 623 miles or 1,003 km "Victory for Hydrogen vs. Electric"
  • Manufacturing sales off in November led by cars, chemicals
  • Strength to build on, but Canada still lags in industrial R&D
  • Scientists Develop Sustainable Battery Using Tree Bark Tannins
  • Ontario's food industry poised for growth
  • BC sees 100,000 LNG jobs, $1 trillion in revenues
  • Two firsts for Ontario as energy storage systems certified
  • Oilsands companies hope to innovate cleaner, more profitable future
  • Toronto an ideal location for Amazon HQ 2: If Amazon needs to hire tech employees, GTA and Canada has the edge
  • Engineers Working to Develop Artificial Gravity for Near-Earth Orbit Space Station
  • Little certainty about toxicity of BPA in food cans despite new report
  • Solar researchers closing in on 50 per cent PV efficiency
  • Irving Shipbuilding looking to lure workers back east from Alberta
  • Five companies to provide power storage for Ontario
  • Building permits shot up in May
  • Canada could lead the world in cleantech: report
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