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  • Oil prices, production in Canada not likely to reach former levels again: CIBC
  • Global Response to Autonomous Vehicles
  • Five companies to provide power storage for Ontario
  • Engineering positions: what's in demand, what does it pay, what do you need to qualify? Top seven engineering positions
  • SAFFir is an autonomous robot firefighter being tested by the Navy for dangerous situations. Unlike other firefighting robots, SAFFir is both autonomous, and stands on two legs, with two hands to grasp fire hoses.
    Robots save lives: robot fire-fighters take on explosive situations. SAFFiR shows how they can be ultimately be autonomous.
  • Ontario Faces Uncertain Future with Carbon Tax
  • Tech sector larger, more important to economy than previously thought: study
  • Manufacturers and employers win with new Labour rules in Ontario; jobs did increase 17,600 in January 2019
  • $26 Trillion needed over 13 years to power infrastructure for world's fastest growing economies
  • Chinese market for water pumps expected to triple by 2017
  • REE and American Axle & Manufacturing to co-develop new electric propulsion system for e-Mobility
  • Financial services fastest growing industry in Canada for exports: Conference Board of Canada
  • Agile robotic arm could catch space debris, falling humans
  • Siemens gives Western U engineering huge PLM software grant
  • Pharma company shares surge on favourable Q2 report
  • News of extra jobs tempered by caution in Ontario auto sector
  • GO Transit may deploy hydrogen-power rather than electric; consults with Canadian fuel cell technology company that worked on world's first hydrogen-powered train
  • Canada's oil sands dispute with EU flares
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada to invest $275 million in Quebec plant
  • Uber and Hyundai Announce Partnership to Make Flying Electric Taxis
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