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  • SAFFir is an autonomous robot firefighter being tested by the Navy for dangerous situations. Unlike other firefighting robots, SAFFir is both autonomous, and stands on two legs, with two hands to grasp fire hoses.
    Robots save lives: robot fire-fighters take on explosive situations. SAFFiR shows how they can be ultimately be autonomous.
  • Ontario College of Trades report recommendations accepted by minister
  • Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies lead June exports to 8-year high
  • Australian researchers claim new efficiency record for solar cells
  • Canada Goose doubles production capacity with new Toronto plant
  • WindTwin digital platform increases efficiency on wind farms and tests maintenance upgrades
  • Driverless transport systems "TecLines" will allow Mercedes factory to customize assembly
  • Five defence industry technologies — right out of science fiction — that are real today
  • First new Canadian refinery in 30 years now on track for 2017
  • Entire airframe of this V-shaped flying wing houses passengers and cargo resulting in 20 percent fuel savings
  • Shed a tear for science? University researchers in Ireland harvest electricity from tears
  • GM/Honda latest partners in search for affordable fuel cell car
  • Canadian car sales break record amid concern about investment in the industry
  • Canada could get 35 per cent of its power from wind with no disruption to existing grid: study
  • Solar researchers closing in on 50 per cent PV efficiency
  • Petronas to spend $16 billion to export Western Canadian LNG
  • Too much wind-power may warm the environment more than oil or coal — at least in the short term. Harvard research suggests cautious planning needed
  • Silicon Valley North: Canada aims to rival Silicon Valley due to better access to highly skilled workers on expedited visas
  • Low oil prices not a serious threat to Canada's economy: RBC
  • Infrastructure Ontario seeks proposals for Highway 427 expansion
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