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  • Electro Water Separation (EWS) or Electro Coagulation: Treatment system uses electricity to clean contaminated water
  • Unusual hydrogen car could soon be built in UK
  • Ontario Faces Uncertain Future with Carbon Tax
  • Oil exploration gives St. John's NL fastest growing economy
  • Ontario economy set to grow based on exports, weaker dollar
  • Canadian company to provide modular housing for refugees in Sweden
  • New Samsung-Pattern wind farm underway with Siemens-built turbines
  • Earth-sized exoplanet LHS 475 b revealed by advanced new James Webb Space Telescope — exploring strange new worlds
  • A tech-smart, airless, customizable tire, with replenishing tread unveiled by Michelin
  • New catalyst could help bring hydrogen fuel economy closer
  • Latest Update on KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack): the flaw in WPA2 protocal for WIFI systems
  • Japan setting records for new solar power installations
  • Demand for 100K engineers over next ten years in Canada
  • Federal government urged to speak up for nuclear at Paris climate talks
  • Airbus and Bombardier Finalize Deal
  • Goodbye NAFTA, Hello USMCA trade deal: it's not all in the name — Canadian dollar soars, stocks rise; autos win, dairy loses
  • Robots, 3D printing to revolutionize building industry unchanged for 5000 years
  • Advanced manufacturing initiatives to drive innovation, growth
  • New York's ban on fracking gives hope to other opponents
  • First Nation's groups propose specific risk mitigation that could "save the pipeline"
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