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  • Large electric aircraft feasible with record-breaking Siemens motor
  • Large Ontario wind power project gets go-ahead, now hiring
  • NASA's ambitious Space Launch System SLS for Artemis Moon Missions ready for tests
  • Audi Recall Announced Due to Emissions
  • Infrastructure investment must be smart, forward-thinking: report
  • Trucking industry moving toward use of EOBRs
  • The world's largest carbon capture plant opens in Iceland — will pull 4,000 metric tons per year
  • Demand for industrial real estate soaring in Canada: report
  • Canada's exports soared in June while imports fell
  • Slight increase in manufacturing sales in May
  • No immediate car tariffs after U.S. trade meeting; at stake $350 billion in autos and parts imported to the U.S.
  • BMW to invest 6 per cent of revenue in R&D; plans to streamline manufacturing to pay for research
  • Norwegian group claims world's first seabed energy storage technology
  • Singapore scientists invent bendable concrete for low-maintenance roads
  • Calgary group offers $50 million for clean energy projects
  • 100,000 watt laser firing 10,000 pulses per second would "deorbit" tons of dangerous space debris
  • Demand for 100K engineers over next ten years in Canada
  • Energy costs, global temperature, continue rising
  • Economy showed mix of strength (exports), weakness (investment) in Q3
  • Boeing expands Winnipeg plant; Dreamliners set to fly again
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