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  • Montreal company ready to launch tiny greenhouse gas-spotting satellite
  • Air-Breathing battery development increases storage capacity with greater longevity at a fraction of the cost of other batteries.
  • Recovery continues as NA car sales head for year 2000 levels
  • Worker mobility key to construction's labour shortage
  • Oxygen from moondust? The European Space Agency is working on an "breathable air" plants for moon bases
  • A supersonic jet with no front window? NASA's X-59 uses a 4K monitor instead.
  • New Samsung-Pattern wind farm underway with Siemens-built turbines
  • Researchers claim breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis
  • Technology supplier announces 18 per cent growth
  • Local Ford union rebellion over GM contract threatens pattern bargaining
  • Five defence industry technologies — right out of science fiction — that are real today
  • Securing new investment greatest achievement of Unifor's agreement with Ford
  • Pilot project will use algae to recycle industrial CO2 emissions
  • Little certainty about toxicity of BPA in food cans despite new report
  • Helicopter flight simulator to train offshore rig pilots in Newfoundland
  • World's first 3D printed auto manufacturing platform
  • Manufacturing down in February in both Canada and US
  • With $390 billion in trade at stake, Premier Ford met with manufacturing trade partners; says steel and aluminum tariffs hurt the U.S. more than Canada
  • Irving Shipbuilding wins $2.3 billion icebreaker contract with navy
  • First new Canadian refinery in 30 years now on track for 2017
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