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  • Honda expansion a win for Ontario's auto sector
  • Government money to Ontario auto parts maker will ensure jobs
  • North American oil and gas industry has trouble finding workers
  • Touchless computer control from Waterloo tech company an early success
  • Petronas defers final investment decision on BC LNG project
  • Thunder Bay wind farm gets government approval
  • Little agreement on whether it works, but governments press ahead with infrastructure spending
  • Elon Musk's stainless steel "Starship" from SpaceX — orbit test in six months, then on to Mars?
  • Amazon brings 800 high tech jobs to Ontario including engineers, programmers and developers
  • 12 new electric vehicles by 2022 Renaut-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance commits 30% of overall production output
  • New super batteries could change electric vehicle industry
  • Concept car from Terrafugia has vertical takeoff and landing
  • National Energy Board not doing enough to ensure pipeline safety: report
  • Scientists Develop Sustainable Battery Using Tree Bark Tannins
  • 3D printed hempcrete could revolutionize construction industry
  • Cars with “Nerves”? Self diagnostics and magnetostrictive material may deliver cars with feeling.
  • Mercedes to cut emissions from cars and their production in half by 2030
  • Microsoft acquires Montreal AI firm that creates "curious" machines that think like humans
  • UPS Canada implementing 50 per cent alternative fuels in fleet by 2018
  • Clean freight: with over 10 per cent of emissions coming from "goods moving" the push is on for greener trucking
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