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  • Chip shortage worsens due to Russia-Ukraine crisis, creating extreme under supply in the automative market into 2024
  • Windsor, auto industry counting on new Ford investment
  • Expect record-high auto sales in 2015: Scotiabank
  • Province lends steel maker $7 million for plant upgrades
  • Terraton Initiative: "Carbon Negative": an innovative solution could remove 1 trillion tons of carbon dioxide from atmosphere
  • Statoil and Husky Energy find "significant" oil offshore Newfoundland
  • Drilling rigs growth depends more and more on LNG
  • Detroit-Windsor bridge approval cheered in Canada, US
  • Space X's Falcon Heavy could explode with the force of a nuclear weapon; over 1400 airline flights delayed by space launches in 2018
  • Exports, especially oil, driving Canada's growth: EDC
  • Subsidies part of the game in global aerospace industry
  • Boom Supersonic Announces "Symphony" Engines for its Supersonic Airframe
  • May manufacturing sales higher on petroleum, cars
  • Manufacturing sector continued to gain in November
  • TESS SpaceX Launch
  • Canada's economy grew in Q4, manufacturing up in December
  • Nanotechnology key to energy storage, solar energy industries
  • FCA 2020 in Canada: Chrysler 300 to be eliminated; Pacifica to be refreshed; new electric minivan “Portal” to go into production
  • Wood groups praising new six-storey construction limit
  • Propane suppliers condemn Ontario government's support of natural gas expansion
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