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  • Amazon brings 800 high tech jobs to Ontario including engineers, programmers and developers
  • Continued strength in manufacturing in November: RBC
  • World's largest public transit system to be built in only 5 years — in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia
  • Regina refinery will reuse all water with GE wastewater technology
  • Renewable energy now costs less than fossil fuels in some countries: report
  • Irving Shipbuilding wins $2.3 billion icebreaker contract with navy
  • TransCanada confident Energy East pipeline will be built
  • $26 Trillion needed over 13 years to power infrastructure for world's fastest growing economies
  • Conditional approval for Northern Gateway pipeline
  • Aerospace industry "steady but unspectacular" in 2013: Conference Board
  • SpaceX "first orbital class rocket capable of reflight" test flight today: $12 billion in contracts and a 100 missions at stake: live feed of launch
  • NASA Keeping an Eye on Tesla Roadster
  • SAFFir is an autonomous robot firefighter being tested by the Navy for dangerous situations. Unlike other firefighting robots, SAFFir is both autonomous, and stands on two legs, with two hands to grasp fire hoses.
    Robots save lives: robot fire-fighters take on explosive situations. SAFFiR shows how they can be ultimately be autonomous.
  • Toronto company seeking to market energy storage system
  • Mixed news for industrial production capacity, employment
  • Canada's GDP strength was east, west and north, not central
  • Vanadium dioxide (VO2) metal conducts electricity — with ten times less heat
  • Geosynthetics and clean technologies – preventing contamination, reinforcing terrain and preventing erosion
  • Modest business growth forecast as manufacturing slows in June
  • US resumes exports of LNG
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