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  • Ontario's food producers missing local growth opportunities: study
  • Clean freight: with over 10 per cent of emissions coming from "goods moving" the push is on for greener trucking
  • US energy self-reliance, pipeline uncertainty put Canada's energy sector at risk
  • SWISS inaugurates commercial flights of Bombardier's CS100
  • Car sales set records in November
  • Researchers find way to turn wood into supercapacitors
  • World's largest public transit system to be built in only 5 years — in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia
  • Danger Doc Robinson: researchers at RMIT University find vehicle vibrations may induce sleep in drivers
  • GPS III set to launch December 18: U.S. Air Force to launch via Space X Falcon 9 paylod; will be harder to jam, more secure and accurate
  • In a massive victory for the hydrogen vs. electric battery debate, the Toyota Mirai broke the world record for driving on one fill of hydrogen with 623 miles (1,003 km) in late May.
    Hydrogen Mileage World Record – Toyota Mirai Breaks Through: 623 miles or 1,003 km "Victory for Hydrogen vs. Electric"
  • Long March 3B rocket launch destroys home as lower rocket booster crashes during launch
  • Financial risks associated with emissions limits for Canada for oil and gas industries
  • No-cost energy-reduction plan offered to Ontario businesses
  • Q1 Canadian corporate profits up, led by oil and gas
  • Agreement between western provinces smooths way for pipelines
  • Canada risks losing out in renewable energy revolution
  • CAE announces flight simulator contracts worth $130 million
  • Ontario must develop its cybersecurity industry to remain competitive: report
  • Building permits shot up in May
  • Calgary group offers $50 million for clean energy projects
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