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  • Waste-reduction law puts responsibility for products' end-of-life costs on manufacturers
  • Federal government must help Ontario close widening "skills gap" through immigration reforms
  • World's largest gate valves will operate in Texas water pipeline
  • Tesla is now the number one valued carmaker in America, jumping ahead of GM
  • Microgrids coming to two Ontario power utilities
  • Engineers Working to Develop Artificial Gravity for Near-Earth Orbit Space Station
  • GE investment in Welland "Brilliant Factory" to bring 220 jobs
  • West Coast group looking at LNG as marine fuel
  • Bombardier to hit business jet targets: aiming for US$8.5 billion annually by 2020
  • Scientists Create Remarkable Graphene Filter
  • Construction industry will boom in Northern Ontario, GTA: report
  • Netherlands company to test plastic road construction
  • Membraneless flow battery shows great promise for cheaper energy storage
  • SpaceX-1 Launches Falcon 9
  • Space-based solar power beamed to earth may be the future of green power
  • Cascade Aerospace named a Hercules heavy maintenance centre
  • The latest breakthroughs in EV technology; batteries that charge in under 10 minutes 
  • Subsidies part of the game in global aerospace industry
  • Automotive and chemical manufacturing pull up overall Canadian manufacturing sales to higher level than projected
  • Q1 Canadian corporate profits up, led by oil and gas
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