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  • Large Ontario wind power project gets go-ahead, now hiring
  • Mississauga aerospace firm announces major contracts with Boeing, F-35 program
  • 100,000 watt laser firing 10,000 pulses per second would "deorbit" tons of dangerous space debris
  • Powering the Future through Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells?
  • Canadian Solar to supply solar mega-projects in Ontario and Turkey
  • Researchers find way to turn wood into supercapacitors
  • Volkswagen hit with $14.7 billion in fines, compensation over emissions scandal
  • Canada's oil sands dispute with EU flares
  • Nissan sales surpass 100,000 for first time in Canada
  • Mexican oil and gas re-opened to foreign companies after 76 years
  • Fully solar powered vehicle: an RV that runs without fuel or charging stations?
  • Colossal Fusion Project Set to Transform the Energy Industry
  • Q3 corporate profits falter on oil, financial sector
  • Flying car maker looking for first orders for its sports car/gyrocopter PAL-V
  • Saudis will no longer provide "insurance policy" for high-cost oil producers
  • Rapid growth of solar power a challenge for utilities
  • Strong manufacturing rebound in February led by energy sector
  • Airbus and Bombardier Finalize Deal
  • BC sees 100,000 LNG jobs, $1 trillion in revenues
  • Pharma company shares surge on favourable Q2 report
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