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  • Cars new and used dominate Canada's exports
  • Canadian oil production up; producers turning to railways for shipment
  • Supply of oil at record highs, at 100 million barrels a day for the “first time ever”; expected to grow
  • Breakthrough vehicles that dare to change the auto industry: 1300 hp EVs and 300 km ranges
  • GE Aviation opens new robotics facility in Quebec
  • SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Ripped Hole in Ionosphere During 2017 Launch
  • 7 Award winners honoured for championing ontario's environment's zero-waste, low-carbon initiatives
  • New wind farm approved near Lake Huron shore
  • Once more to the moon — NASA may use a commercial rocket to speed up the EM-1 moon mission planned for June 2020
  • Recycling copper wire — copper can be recycled repeatedly without loss of quality
  • Lobby groups working hard to convince Obama on Keystone
  • Canada-US trade as it should be, but diversification desirable: report
  • Silicon Valley North: Canada aims to rival Silicon Valley due to better access to highly skilled workers on expedited visas
  • BC, Ontario economies to lead country into 2017
  • Massive turnaround at Irving refinery a boost for local economy
  • Unusual hydrogen car could soon be built in UK
  • Calgary tech company says radio frequency oil extraction tests were successful
  • Anticipation building for first test flight of Bombardier CSeries
  • Propellant leak during emergency abort sets back Boeing's spacecraft development for NASA
  • Economy showed mix of strength (exports), weakness (investment) in Q3
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