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  • Zinc-air battery shows great promise in search for energy storage
  • Development proposals presented for major new National Capital project
  • Civil Engineering Design: What it Takes to Engineer the World’s Longest Tunnels
  • Stronger concrete made from recycled tires developed by UBC Engineers: could help reduce carbon footprint of 3 billion tires-a-year
  • Volvo will use DME to fuel heavy-duty trucks in North America
  • Manufacturing slowdown reflects oil and dollar declines
  • Waterloo showcases new tire devulcanization facility
  • Mahle breaks through in Engineered Design with its magnet-free and maintenance free electric motor.
    Engineered Design Breakthrough: Magnet-Free Electric Motor May Reduce Maintenance in Electric Cars
  • Manufacturing takes a hit as water heater plant closes in Fergus
  • BMW to invest 6 per cent of revenue in R&D; plans to streamline manufacturing to pay for research
  • Bombardier upbeat about growth prospects now that CSeries jets are flying
  • Elon Musk's Hyperloop vision racing ahead of naysayers and regulators — Boring Company receives permission to tunnel 10 miles; early tests of tube successful
  • Lead-free plumbing requirements affect valve selection for water systems
  • Long March 3B rocket launch destroys home as lower rocket booster crashes during launch
  • GRX-810 is an oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloy: NASA's new alloy 1000X stronger than previous alloys
  • Strong manufacturing helped grow economy in January
  • Short list announced for Green Car of the Year
  • Canada's manufacturing sales rose in 2016, led by cars, food
  • Technology that could help save the earth: Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Honda expansion a win for Ontario's auto sector
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