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  • Japan setting records for new solar power installations
  • 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, becoming more mainstream across many manufacturing sectors
  • Major job losses predicted on oil spending slump
  • US moves to cut coal-fired emissions highlight rift with Canada
  • Mahle breaks through in Engineered Design with its magnet-free and maintenance free electric motor.
    Engineered Design Breakthrough: Magnet-Free Electric Motor May Reduce Maintenance in Electric Cars
  • GM to Engineer Virtual Zero Emissions by 2035 and Carbon Neutrality by 2040
  • Canada's start-ups need more help to become global players: OCC
  • First anti-icing wind turbine blades will power Quebec community
  • More warnings that Canada could miss the LNG boat
  • Pipelines safer than rail or truck for oil: report
  • Researchers studied successful manufacturers for lessons for the future
  • Airborne wind turbine will rise to new heights
  • Auto sales surging in North America, plunging in Russia
  • Davie shipyard delivers "most complex" vessel ever built in NA
  • Critical labour shortage hurting meat industry; immigration policy blamed
  • Calgary group offers $50 million for clean energy projects
  • Molson Coors reports on environmental stewardship goals
  • Canada risks losing out in renewable energy revolution
  • TESS SpaceX Launch
  • Outperforming auto sector leads manufacturing "resurgence"
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