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  • Canadian manufacturing continued to slide in December, though not in Ontario
  • World's first municipal waste-to-biofuels plant opens in Edmonton
  • Mexican oil and gas re-opened to foreign companies after 76 years
  • Canada's oil industry facing labour shortage: survey
  • World will invest $7.8 trillion in solar, wind over next 25 years: Bloomberg
  • Critical labour shortage hurting meat industry; immigration policy blamed
  • UPS Canada implementing 50 per cent alternative fuels in fleet by 2018
  • Aerospace industry poised for growth: report
  • Ontario government accepts mining report recommendations
  • New Boeing 737 Max 8 crash mystery. Why did Lion Air flight 610 crash, killing 189 people, only 13 minutes after take-off?
  • More engineers, fewer arts grads needed in Canada: CIBC
  • Oil & Gas Report: Iran sanctions not priced into Brent "room for a runup in prices towards the end of the year"
  • Renewable energy use increased in US in 2012
  • Carbon neutral concrete? They're working on it.
  • Forestry industry pledges 13 per cent CO2 reduction to fight climate change
  • No-cost energy-reduction plan offered to Ontario businesses
  • Automation-proof jobs, and jobs that will eventually be automated
  • Solar power poised for worldwide growth
  • Handheld device detects bacteria on food in real time
  • Brighter outlook for Canada's economy in 2016: RBC
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