Canada green tech company helps Chile reduce methane in landfills: $7 million project

With Chile’s environment minister, Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change announced a $7 million project to reduce methane in the waste management sector in Chile landfills:

“Canadian businesses are already part of the global shift towards a clean growth economy and this project is another great example of that. By putting bold ideas into action, Canadian clean tech company Arcadis Canada will help Chile meet its climate change goals by reducing methane emissions — and create new jobs and opportunities in the process.”


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Methane gas from landfill is a global worming problem of concern to the entire world.


Quick facts

  • This contribution is part of a $35 million contribution announced by Minister McKenna to reduce short-lived climate pollutants, like methane in Mexico and Chile as well as through the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.
  • Chile ratified the Paris Agreement in February 2017 and is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% below 2007 levels by 2030.
  • The Government of Canada is also working on proposed regulations to reduce methane from Canada’s oil and gas sector. These regulations are part of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change that will contribute to reducing emissions to 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.


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One method of reducing and re-using methane from landfills.


Climate change is a global problem that requires a global solution and Canada is committed to doing its part to reduce climate-harming pollutants at home and around the world.That’s why yesterday Canada’s Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna launched the $7 million project that will see Canada and Chile team up to reduce and capture climate-warming methane from landfills and other areas of the waste management sector. The captured methane can help reduce costs by being used for fuel for cooking, transportation and power generation. Canadian environmental consulting firm, Arcadis Canada will lead the project.

Minister McKenna made the announcement during a meeting with Chilean environment minister, Marcelo Mena Carrasco at international climate talks in Berlin, Germany. Chile and Canada co-chaired the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, the only global effort that unites governments, civil society and private sector, committed to improving air quality and protecting the climate by reducing short-lived climate pollutants.


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Another methane reduce and capture method.


The launch coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Canada-Chile Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, which aims to conserve, protect and enhance the environment, promote sustainable development, and encourage public participation in the development of environmental laws and regulations.

Canada is delivering $2.65 billion by 2020 to help countries and communities around the world reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, be better equipped to resist the effects of climate change, and make a positive contribution to a global clean economy.

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